35 Ball Python Questions You Didn’t Know You Needed Answers To

There are so many questions about ball pythons that float around the internet with answers that or too long or not long enough. Here’s the middle ground.

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1. Can ball pythons swim 

YES. Ball pythons can swim, but they are naturally ground animals. If they are put in water too deep they will swim themselves to exhaustion. 

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2. Can ball pythons kill you

The chance of a ball python killing you are extremely low…but never zero. You wont die from a ball python bite, they are non-venomous. 

Ball pythons can constrict your airways but most adults are stronger than a full grown ball python.

3. Can ball pythons see? 

Yes, but not much

4. Can ball pythons breathe underwater?

No. They can drown like most land animals. 

5. Where are ball pythons from.

Ball pythons originated in Africa, but you will see them domesticated all around the world.

6. Where can I buy ball pythons? 

Ball pythons are sold at most pet stores. They can also be purchased online at morphmarket.com or breeder’s websites like infinitescalesinfo.com

7. Where are banana ball pythons from?

Banana is a ball python morph. This morph specifically gives them a yellow and brown appearance. Banana is a co-dominant gene so you only need one parent to be a banana to make banana babies. 

8. Are all ball pythons dangerous?

No. Ball pythons can be tamed especially if they are captive bred. 

9. Are ball pythons venomous?

No. They kill prey by constricting them

10. Are ball pythons good pets?

Yes, they are great pets if you are ready for a commitment. They can live up to 20 years in captivity(sometimes longer)

11. Are ball pythons nocturnal?

Yes, in the wild they tend to hunt at night and stay burrowed during the day. 

12. Are ball pythons friendly?

Baby ball pythons can be snippy but they tame out as they get older especially if you handle them frequently. 

50 qs are ball pythons friendly

13. Are ball pythons arboreal?

No. Ball pythons are burrow animals. 

14. Are ball pythons solitary?

Yes. Ball pythons should be kept 1 to an enclosure unless they are breeding.

15. What do ball pythons eat?

Ball pythons eat rodents and small birds. I feed mine strictly rats. 

16. What ball pythons have wobbles?

Wobbles can happen in any ball python but they are prominent in these genes, spider, Woma, Champagne.

17. What do ball pythons need?

To keep a ball python as a pet they’ll need substrate, a waterbowl, an eclosure, a heat source, and a hide.

For ideas and tips on how to care for one check out this article

18. Why are ball pythons good pets?

In general ball pythons are good pets because they are easy to care for, they have a good temperament, and they stay small. 

19. Why wont my ball python eat? 

Ball pythons occasionally show no interest in food. This could be because they are breeding, they haven’t digested their previous meal, they are in shed, they feel like theyre in danger they can’t sense warmth of their food.

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20. Why do ball pythons burrow?

Ball pythons burrow for protection and for warmth

21. Why do ball pythons yawn

Ball pythons yawn to adjust their jaw. Usually it is done after a meal. If your ball python yawns and they haven’t just had a meal, they could have a respiratory infection, they may be trying to open their airways. 

22. Why do ball pythons hiss?

Ball pythons hiss to deter predators. It makes them seem scary. Most ball pythons that hiss dont’ act on their attitude and will stop once they are held. 

23. Why do ball pythons bite?

Ball pythons bite if they sense food. THis is usually when they smell rodents. If your ball python bites you its because they think you are food. Babies will snip at you since its their only defense. 

24. When is ball python breeding season?

Ball pythons can breed all year round, but they show more interest in breeding or “locking” during the colder, rainy months. 

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25. Will ball pythons eat other snakes?

No. Ball pythons are not known to eat other snakes. Their primary diet consists of rodents. 

26. Will ball pythons eat during a shed?

Yes. A ball python will eat as long as it feels safe and if it’s hungry enough

27. Will ball pythons fight each other? 

Yes. Males will fight other males over a female. 

28. Do ball pythons fight?

Ball pythons will buck and push against each other. Unlike some reptiles they will not fight to the death, but to exhaustion

29. When do ball pythons stop growing? 

Ball pythons reach full size at about 3 years of age.  At this point they should maintain the same weight and length. 

30. When do ball pythons hibernate?

Ball pythons do not hibernate. 

31. How big do ball pythons get? 

A female ball python can up to 6 feet and a male will grow to be about 4-5 feet.

32. Why do ball pythons have holes in their face?

The holes on a ball pythons mouth are “heat pits” where they sense temperatures such as warmth from rodents. 

White ball python

33. When do ball pythons eat? 

Ball pythons are opportunistic eaters. They will eat if food is offered, they feel secure, and if they need it. 

34. When do ball pythons shed?

Ball pythons shed when they outgrow their outer layer of skin. This can be anywhere from every week to every 6 weeks. 

35. How long do ball pythons live? 

In Captivity, ball pythons have lived to be 20+ years. 

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