Infinite Scales ball python breading

My Fiancé and I met both with a love for reptiles. When we got together our love for these animals grew. Together we’ve visited reptile conventions, reptiles zoos, an adopted many ball pythons.

We now have a house together and grew our reptile collection from 1 lizard and 2 snakes in our 2 bedroom apartment to a full room in our house dedicated to our scaly pals. We started ball python breeding as a hobby in 2016.

It has now become a full blown side hustle from home in 2021 for both of us. Alongside our slithering business partners we also care for a reticulated python, a sun glow boa, various lizards and a couple geckos. Oh, and Charlie, our tortoise.

My Fiancé and I have learned so much in these past years taking care of our animals. I want to share our experience and our knowledge with you so you can share the same love and passion as we do for reptiles.

Recently, we have launched clothing designs tailored to expressing your love for reptiles while looking stylish and trendy.

Whether you have reptiles or you just find them interesting, stick around. Join us in building an online fam that share our interests and make reptiles a great experience for everyone.