Ball Python Breeders in So Cal (High Desert/Kern County Area)

Where is the High Desert?

The high desert is an area in California with undefined borders that consists of mostly desert land at a higher elevation. 

Cities you might recognize in the high desert include Palmdale, Victorville, Ridgecrest, and Mojave. 

The high desert consists of areas from different counties including San Bernardino County, LA County, and Kern County. 

What is a ball python breeder?

A ball python breeder breeds ball pythons to sell to anyone looking to have one as a pet and sometimes supply pet stores, too.

They breed ball pythons and sometimes branch out to breed other reptile species like lizards, amphibians, and even other species of snakes. 

Ball python breeders often offer their captive-bred snakes on Morph Market, one of the largest online reptile sellers’ websites.

Ball python egg incubator made from a repurposed Pepsi fridge

Some breeders offer local pickup if your nearby and offer shipping via FedEx Overnight.

Morph Market isn’t the only place to buy ball pythons online though. Some breeders even have their own websites that you can buy from. 

You can negotiate deals through Instagram or Facebook messaging with most ball python breeders, too.


Location: Bakersfield, CA

Run by Hector Manuel

7Snakes is a ball python breeding company run by Hector Manuel. Hector breeds ball pythons, rosy boas, Mexican Black Kingsnakes, Corn Snakes, and Dumeril’s Boas in his spare time. 

They currently sells on Morph Market and they’re frequently active on Facebook and Instagram with a combined 230+ followers.

According to 7Snakes Morph Market profile, they offer regional shipping and local pickup. There they have 3 ball pythons listed with a plan to add more once hatching begins.

High Desert Pythons

Location: Ridgecrest, CA

Run by Antoine Hood

High Desert Pythons is a small ball python breeder set up owned by Antoine Hood in Ridgecrest. This breeder specializes in ball python morphs such as Clown, Piebalds, Lavender, and Axanthic.

He offers delivery and local pickup for the pythons he sells according to Morph Market.  

High Desert Pythons is all over social media including Instagram where he has 5,300 followers as of today and posts regularly on his feed and stories. 

On Facebook, Antoine posts a mix of ball python-related videos and pictures with a sprinkle of his own personal interests. 

High Desert Pythons also has a Youtube channel rising up to 5k subscribers and 70 videos uploaded over the past year. 

The best part about purchasing through High Desert Pythons is that 10% of your purchase is donated to USARK, the United States Association of Reptile Keepers which is an organization committed to the conservation and education of reptiles.  

Infinite Scales

Ball python breeder

Location: Rosamond, CA

Run by Ernesto Gonzalez

Infinite Scales is a ball python breeding company that specializes in quality ball pythons. They focus on genes such as Hypo, Wookie, and Clown with a lot of morphs in between.

Ernie and his Fiance started breeding ball pythons in 2016 and have continued to expand their business by selling reptile-focused graphic shirts and other gear. 

Currently, they sell via Morph Market and Instagram while trying to move all sales to their website directly on

Infinite Scales offers free shipping nationwide on orders over $500 and payment plans can be negotiated. They currently offer local pickup for anyone within 50 miles of Rosamond. 

Currently, Infinite Scales is all over social media including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and their very own blog

Infinite Scales is actually the host of this very post.

Other Ball Python Breeders Nearby 

805 Ball Pythons 

Location: Pismo Beach, CA

Run by Jesus Galindoleyva

805 Ball Pythons is a breeding company owned by Jesus  Galindoleyva who started breeding ball pythons in 2018. His morph of choice is Desert Ghost which is a recessive gene that lightens up a ball python’s colors. 

805 Ball Pythons is active on Facebook and Instagram with 264 posts on Instagram alone. 

This breeder offers local pickup and regional shipping according to their Morph Market profile.

Deans Reptiles and Rodents 

Location: Nipomo, CA

Run by Dean Holm

Dean’s Reptiles and Rodents is owned by Dean Holm based in Nipomo, CA. They sell ball pythons, boa constrictors, and frozen rodents. 

This unique combo of animals makes Dean’s Reptiles and Rodents one of a kind in the area. 

Their website showcases most of their inventory(rodents included). Although you can’t purchase through their website, you can reach them through Morph Market or their listed phone number (805) 354-2612. 

Why buy from a small breeder? 

Ball python breeders know exactly how each ball python behaves and grows so it’s best to purchase a ball python through them.

Small ball python breeders, especially the ones listed here, are hands-on with their reptile projects meaning they do the feeding, egg incubation, and clean up. 

Ball python breeders have more knowledge

Chain pet stores that sell ball pythons aren’t that knowledgeable about ball pythons. Your local chain pet store will label any ball python as a “fancy” ball python, not having an understanding of ball python morphs or their origin. 

Small ball python breeders have a much better understanding of the ball pythons they offer. They can even tell your their feeding habits and behaviors of the exact ball python you choose to get.

Ball python breeders are also open to sharing any care tips and advice if you need it. 

Breeders know the origin of each snake 

Buying pets from chain pet stores have become controversial because the origin of those animals is unknown. 

Chain pet stores get their supply of animals from mystery suppliers that are usually in bad conditions. Just this year Peta exposed a reptile supplier for Petsmart with horrible conditions. 

Small ball python breeders raise their own ball pythons from hatching so they know the ball python’s conditions and origins.

When buying online you can even ask for a current picture of your prospect ball python to make sure they are in top condition. 

You can get to know them on social media

If you are still wary about buying a ball python from a small-time breeder you can always check their online footprint. 

Ball python breeders like the ones listed here update their social media accounts regularly and use it as a form of marketing.

Their social media presence lets you get to know the ball python breeder before you buy from them. Checking their social media gives you an idea of who you’re buying from and if there is anything that doesn’t sit well with you. 

A bigger variety of morphs and price points

Ball python breeders will have a variety of morphs to choose from. Some ball python breeders specialize in certain morphs too so you don’t have to guess what ball python morph you’re getting. 

Chain pet stores will label their ball pythons as “fancy” no matter what morph it is. People who buy their ball pythons from chain pet stores usually have to play a guessing game about what morph they have. 

The good thing about having such a wide variety of morphs to choose from a ball python breeder is that there are different price points depending on what you want. 

Chain pet stores sell their ball pythons at a flat price, whereas a ball python breeder has different prices depending on their morph. This gives you the opportunity to get a ball python that is unique and more valuable than any chain pet store can offer. 


Shopping through a small ball python breeder is the best way to go when looking to add a slithering friend to your family.

These ball python breeders are just a few in Southern California to choose from with plenty more in other parts of LA county and Santa Barbara County.

Small ball python breeders care strongly for their animals and take pride in the quality of their animals.

It’s easy to get into the world of ball python owners and breeders when you get a glimpse of any of these companies’ social media.