One thing I love about having this website is being able to give you updates all on MAJOR events happening here at the Infinite Scales home.

TODAY we have officially sold ALL the baby ball pythons we hatched this year. WOW! What a milestone!

Thank you for your support and continued interest in reptiles. We love seeing this community grow.

To celebrate you helping us reach this goal I’d like to share with you some of our favorite snakes we’ve made this year.

  • Infinite Scales Shop photo
  • Hypos Pastel Mojave for sale, Male
  • Infinite scales Mojave fire het hypo
  • Infinite Scales Champagne het Hypo Ball Python Post Shed
  • Ball Python
  • Gallery1

Now that we have no more ball pythons for sale we’d like to share with you some stores that you might like to shop from.

*The following are affiliate links. We may earn a commission if you purchase through our link. Thanks for helping me feed my animals!*


Plantboxs is a plant subscription service that hand selects plants to send to you. You pick a plan that fits your desires and let Plantboxs do the rest.

Don’t want to get hand selected plants every month? They also have a plant shop!

The plants are delivered to your home or office in 48-72 hours. Use code PBFREE to get FREE SHIPPING. Thank you for helping me feed my reptiles!

Cookies by Design

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Cookies by Design is a gourmet cookie gift delivery service. Say anything with their cookie bouquets, baskets, or custom cookie favors.

They even offer SAME DAY delivery. Click the links above to save $$$


We are so happy to have made this accomplishment. Stay tuned for our next clutch! Updates coming soon.