Banana Ball Python – Breeding Information

What is a banana ball python?

A banana ball python is a ball python with an incomplete dominant gene that is visually yellow, tan, and white with tiny, black spots. These features are far from the normal ball python which is mainly black, white, and brown. 

Banana ball pythons were thought to be of the same bloodline and genetic features as the Coral Glow, but the two lines are now distinguished due to color variation. Although they have similar colors, a coral glow tends to lean more orange and the banana is more yellow. 

Yellow ball python curled up
Coral Glow vs Banana

Banana ball pythons were first discovered by Will Slough in 2003 alongside of Kevin McCurley, Founder of NERD — a reptile breeding company. 

Since the Banana gene is an incomplete dominant gene, or in the ball python world, a co-dominant gene, it can be “doubled up” to create a super form. 

Super banana ball pythons are a more extreme version of themselves. With this gene, the super banana ball python usually shows up as a lighter, more lavender hue than a heterozygous banana ball python. 

Banana vs Super Banana

What does a banana ball python look like? 


The banana ball python head usually has a lighter center and darker outer ring. They don’t have any particular pattern, but the color is typically tan or brown, with a lighter yellow or brown center. 


The Banana ball python body usually has similar patterns to a Normal one but with the banana colorway. The alien heads are usually yellow and fade to tan towards the belly with tan-colored “eyes.” They are known for their black spots that usually become prominent with age. 


The belly of a banana ball python shows the pattern on the edges while fading to a light yellow in the center. There are no distinguishing patterns on a banana ball python’s belly. 


The dorsal or upper-most part of a banana ball python is normally broken up with no distinct pattern. The stripes will usually connect to the alien heads creating a unique pattern on the entirety of the snake. 

What do banana ball pythons eat? 

Banana ball pythons eat a diet that any other ball python eats which consists of rats, mice, or other small rodents. 

In the wild, they would opt for African soft-fur rodents. However, in captivity, they will have the best eating response to rats. 

The size of the rodent to offer a banana ball python should be about the same thickness as the largest part of your ball python. However, if you feed your ball python a larger meal, it should be no larger than 1.5x the thickest part of its body. 

If you feed anything larger, the ball python might not respond to eating it, or it might regurgitate it. 

Banana ball pythons cannot eat fruits, bugs, or fish. First, they wouldn’t have a proper feeding response to any of those. Second, they do not have the digestion meant for fruits, bugs, or fish of any kind. 

Important Breeding Information

Breeding banana ball pythons is similar to breeding normal ball pythons. However, banana ball pythons are sex-dependent. 

Although the gene hasn’t been located, breeding banana ball pythons will usually result in their offspring leaning towards one sex or another. 

Female banana ball pythons will produce equal male and female offspring. However, male banana ball pythons will produce either all males or all females. 

A male banana ball python produced by a female banana ball python will produce all female ball pythons. 

A male banana ball python produced by a male banana ball python will produce all male bananas. 

For this reason, you need to be selective with which banana ball python you purchase for breeding, as the results of your clutches will depend on the sex of the ball python. 

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