Most Expensive Ball Python Morphs of 2020

There’s no doubt that ball pythons have some of the most incredible paint jobs of all snakes. There are so many morphs on the market right now that it’s incredible what people have created just this year alone.

This past year has been crazy for all of us, but luckily the ball python market has held strong. Here I’ve listed the high-priced ball pythons of this year in this short-but-sweet list of the most expensive ball python morphs.

Most Expensive Snakes on Sale 2020

A lot of ball python breeders sell their snakes on Morph Market, a website specifically made to sell reptiles. Today, this websites lists the most expensive ball python morphs. 

Tri Stripe Desert Ghost Super Pastel Possible Enchi ($15,000)

Tri stripe desert ghost super pastel possible enchi
Photo from Sterling Nelson’s Morph Market Page

The Tri Stripe gene is a recessive gene that creates a 3 beautiful stripes running down the ball pythons dorsal. Combined with the Super form of Pastel and Desert Ghost and the bright colors really POP. These four genes create such a beautiful snake.

Bred by Sterling Nelson

Carbon Fire Clown($15,000)

Sunset clown ball python
Carbon Fire Clown by American Royals

This morph runs upwards of $3,000 as of today as a single gene. It’s no wonder why this one made it to this list. Add the well-loved Clown gene and this snake has an insane pattern.

Bred by American Royals

2014 Skittles Paradox Albino Piebald Silver Streak Chimera($39,875.80)

Paradox pied ball python
Photo from Reptile Collective

Paradox snakes are my personal favorite. They are so rare that after over 100 eggs we’ve hatched here at Infinite Scales, we have yet to create a paradox snake. The chimera feature giving her different colored eyes is magical.

This makes it highly believable that this$39,000+ price tag is LEGIT.

Bred by Reptile Collective

The Most Expensive Ball Python Sold This Year(2020)

It’s one thing to put a price tag on a snake, but let’s see how much these snakes can actually go for. Here is the highest SOLD ball python of 2020.

Sunset Clown ($20,000)

sunset clown ball python
Photo from Matt Byrum Exotics Morph Market

The Sunset gene is the HOT right now and the Clown is a favorite among all. These genes combined created this beautiful snake with such a unique color. I can’t wait to see what this ball is going to produce in the future.

Bred by Matt Byrum Exotics


Ball python morphs are constantly being discovered and it seems like they get more and more wild as time goes on. The six digit price tag on some of these are INSANE to think about. I’m hoping 2021 brings more interesting and crazy morphs to the community. 

This is all based on public information, so of course there are sales that happen offline which aren’t listed here. 

Comment below: what’s the most you’d pay for a rare snake. 

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a morph? A morph is a ball python’s gene combination. For more details read this post where I explain it in a little more detail.

How much is the most expensive ball python? There is no official record for the most expensive ball python, but it is said that it was nearly $125,000 for an Ivory.

How do you know how much a ball python should cost? Ball python pricing is based on the rarity of the genes in a ball python in combination with the demand so it’s always good to know what genes are HOT and SELLING at the moment.