Most Expensive Ball Python Morphs of 2021

The rarest ball python morph of 2021 is the Sunset ball python followed closely by the Stranger ball python which were both discovered in 2012. These ball pythons cost well over $10,000 this year. 

Other rare ball python morphs include Scaleless, Hidden Gene Woma, and double visual hets like Albino Piebald.

Ball pythons are a rare species of snake that doesn’t have any subspecies. Instead ball pythons have different patterns and colors called morphs. 

A ball python morph is another name for a gene or set of genes that determine a ball python’s colors and patterns. 

There are over 7,300 different ball python morphs on the market with more still being discovered. 

New morphs are discovered when ball python breeders make a snake with a new combination of genetics or if a gene is proven out by breeding.

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Where do ball pythons come from? 

All ball pythons in the United States are linked to ball pythons imported from Africa. 

Ball pythons imported from Africa sometimes have colors and patterns that are different than a normal ball python. 

These patterns and colors are proven to be genetic by ball python breeders. If that gene hasn’t been discovered yet, a new morph is born. 

Some morphs are more popular than others and some are rare to have. 

There is no lab testing that tells us a ball pythons morph so we have to go by how a ball python looks.

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How much does a ball python cost?

Ball pythons cost anywhere from $60 to tens of thousands. A ball python’s cost depends on its morph. Rare morphs will cost more while more common morphs cost less. 

Ball pythons cost anywhere from $40 to tens of thousands. The most expensive ball python purchased cost $40,000. 

A ball python’s cost depends on its morph. Rare morphs will cost more while more common morphs cost less. 

The least expensive ball python morph is a normal ball python. Normal ball pythons don’t have any special genetics that change their patterns or colors. 

A normal ball python’s value can increase if it has recessive genes. Different recessive genes have different values, but usually the more recessive genes a ball python has the higher its price.

The more desirable genes a ball python has the more expensive it will be. 

A ball python’s pattern and colors make them desirable to those wanting a pet, but ball python breeders will look for morphs that they can breed to create a ball python with their desired genes.

The ball python’s value is based heavily on rarity. When a new ball python morph has been discovered, the breeder who discovered that morph is the only one in the United States that has a ball python with that particular gene. 

The exclusivity of a new ball python morph makes that particular morph go up in price. 

One example of a new ball python morph selling for thousands of dollars is when the Banana morph was discovered. The first clutch of Banana ball pythons to ever exist sold for around $25,000.

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What are the rarest ball python morphs?

A ball python morph is rare when only a few people have a ball python that carries that gene and it’s always a gene that is newly discovered. 

Rare ball python morphs don’t always stay rare since breeders will start creating more of them to sell to others. 

The more they sell, the more common that ball python morph becomes, but that usually takes years to happen.

There are a few ball python breeders that have discovered a large chunk of ball python morphs. Some names you’ll see often as ball python morph discoverers are JKR, NERD, Osborne, Brian Bode, Triple B, and BHB. 

All of these breeders have had some part in discovering ball python morphs with many more in the industry. 

1. Sunset Ball Python – $7,500

sunset ball python
Photo courtesy of World of Ball Pythons

Sunset is a recessive gene that shows up as yellow, orange, and even some dark red colors. It was discovered by Brian Barczyk at BHB reptiles who runs one of the largest reptile breeding facilities. 

The morph was discovered in 2012, but it’s been slow to come into the market. This year the most expensive visual Sunset ball python is $7,500. 

A ball python that is heterozygous for Sunset will range from $450-$4,500 depending on the genetic combination it has. 

Even though this morph was discovered in 2012, the first Sunset ball pythons didn’t hit the market until 2017.

No matter how many ball pythons are on the market the Sunset will always offer that amazing red/burnt orange look. 

2. Stranger Ball Python – $500+

Stranger is a dominant gene that was also discovered in 2012. The breeder responsible for producing this one is IRES Reptiles in the Netherlands. Currently, there are only 7 listings available for this morph on Morph Market, the largest online reptile trading website.

The least expensive Stranger ball python that sold on Morph Market was $5,000 last year in 2021. The highest price for one of these, currently, is $13,000 because of its combination with the Pastel gene and because it’s heterozygous for Clown. 

This exclusive ball python morph creates wacky patterns and brightens up their colors while also having dark outlines and bright yellows. 

Another reason why this ball python morph is so rare is that even though it was discovered in 2012, IRES reptiles didn’t release them to others until 2016 spending most of that time proving out the gene.

3. Scaleless Ball Python – $1,500

Scaleless ball pythons are incredibly unique. They are ball pythons without scales. 

Surprisingly, this is an actual ball python morph whose genes can be passed on to offspring.

The Scaleless ball python comes from a co-dominant gene called Scaleless head. 

Scaleless head ball pythons look like your average ball python except, as its name describes, it’s missing some scales on their head.

Screenshot from Morph Market

Since Scaleless head is a co-dominant gene, there is a super form. That super form is a completely scaleless ball python. 

You can find this Morph under the name Scaleless or Super Scaleless Head ball pythons. 

Currently, there are only 28 listings on Morph Market for this unique ball python morph ranging from $1,450 to $10,000. 

The price range is so high and that’s because Scaleless ball pythons don’t all look like normals. They still have colors and patterns that would show up on a ball python with scales, they are just missing the extra keratin that makes a snake’s scales. The difference in the morph combination is what fluctuates the prices.

4. Hidden Gene Woma – $150+

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Hidden Gene Woma is also known as HG Woma. It’s a morph that originated from NERD, a well-known ball python supplier. 

The morph was discovered in 2000 from what they thought was a Woma ball python but ended up being a completely different morph. 

HG Woma is a co-dominant gene so it has a super form called “Pearl.” 

Pearl ball pythons have been proven to be fatal, but can be created when paired with Woma, Champagne, and sometimes Spider genes. 

Since the super form of HG Woma causes issues with the babies, the Pearl ball python is a rare sight to see. 

The ball python community refrains from trying to make Pearl ball pythons because of this known issue.

5. Albino Piebald Ball Python – $600+

albino pied ball python

Albino Piebald ball python is a double recessive morph that has beautiful bright oranges and yellows with the classic white areas from the Piebald gene.  

Both Albino and Piebald are recessive genes so both parents had to have passed the genes to an offspring for it to come out as Albino Piebald. 

This is one of the many reasons why Albino Piebald ball pythons are rare. Another reason is their cost. You can get a baby Albino Pied for as low as $600 on Morph Market today. 

The attraction to this ball python morph is not just because of its rarity, but also the variation in the morph. 

Albino ball pythons lack melanin so their patterns come out yellow or orange. They can be pale yellow or bright orange depending on their lineage. 

Piebald ball pythons have a wide variation too. Piebald is a recessive gene that creates white patches on a ball python. Some Pieds are high white, with just the ball pythons head showing any pattern, and some are low white, showing only a small patch of white. 

Each of these recessive genes has been around since the early ‘90s, but the combination of Albino Pied was only discovered in 2006 by Steve Roussis.

Rare Multi-Gene Ball Python Morphs

6. Calico Coral Glow Enchi Orange Dream Pinstripe Spotnose ball python

Ball pythons become rarer when they have more genes in them because it becomes more difficult to “add” genes into a lineage. Take this ball python for example. It has 6 different genes that are popular in the ball python community. 

As of now, there are no ball pythons on Morph Market with this killer combo of genes and it was just born in 2019. 

7. Clown Ultramelamistic

Another rare combo of genes is this Clown and Ultramelanistic. Like the Albino Piebald ball python morph, this combo is made up of 2 recessive genes complementing each other. 

This snake was born in 2020 and currently, there aren’t any available for sale. This combo gives you a ball python with rich browns and deep yellows. 

If or when this ball python becomes available for sale your looking at dishing out $6,000 or more. 

Paradox Ball Pythons

A paradox is not a ball python morph, but it is a genetic phenomenon that influences a ball python’s colors or pattern. 

paradox ball python

Paradox in ball python morph terms is when a part of a ball python’s colors or patterns is contradictory to ball python’s morph. 

It’s very rare to hatch a paradox ball python and happens at random. These paradox patterns can be a large part of the snake or a small patch. 

Paradox ball pythons are the rarest ball pythons because no two of them are alike and it can happen to any ball python Morph out there. 

Today the most expensive paradox ball python sells for over $39,000. 

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The ball python species is full of unique and interesting morphs. Their morphs determine their patterns and colors and some morphs are more desirable than others.

All ball python morphs originated from one of the many ball pythons imported from Africa. Some can be combined to create beautiful artwork on the snake and other morph combinations can be fatal.

There will always be a newer, rarer ball python, but they are all unique in their own way no matter what morph they are.